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Die Occlusion verstehen - das Finishing von Anfang an im Blick haben - Dr. Stefano Troiani

Samstag 15.Jan.2022 09:00
bis 12:00


Die Occlusion verstehen - das Finishing von Anfang an im Blick haben

What is orthodontic finishing?  How does an ideal occlusion look like and why do we want to achieve it at all?

No matter if using fixed appliance or aligners, this is the first answer to provide about orthodontic finishing.

Regarding fixed orthodontic appliance, the most commonly used type of fixed orthodontic appliance is the pre-adjusted appliance.

However, too often orthodontist use this technique without a true knowledge of the specifics of the material used, the pros and cons of different values of tip and torque and how variations can improve the clinical result or produce unwanted side effects.

A certain brackets or modifications in a straight wire prescription will not make the job instead of the orthodontist, will not turn a difficult case in an easy one and neither have magic biologic effects on bone and periodontium.

Modulations and improvements in a straight wire prescription can however speed up treatment and help the orthodontist in achieving a proper finishing in a predictable and repeatable way.

Scope of this lecture is to provide participants with a deeper level of understanding of ideal occlusion principles, to focus then on the mechanics optimal to achieve such occlusion.


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